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It's no secret if you want to get hired nowadays you need to know how to write a phenomenal resume that gets a recruiter fired up to want to call you and set you up for an interview immediately. 

You have to realize that for every position there will be hundreds if not thousands of applicants within a few days. Everyone is constantly looking for a job or a better job to make more money, change their career path, or move up to a higher paying position. You are competing with these people and their number is increasing everyday. Having a decent or good resume is not enough. Your resume needs to be exceptional. 

In this course I will walk you through how to write a resume, how to make sure it beats the algorithm that many HR tools use, how to write it in a way that will communicate clearly and effectively to any recruiter and hiring manager that you are the best person for the role. I learned all this from my years in corporate. I've applied to over 5000+ positions according to LinkedIn alone when you add other job boards sites it is easily over 15000+ Through these applications I would always go through my resume, revise it, discuss with recruiters, discuss with hiring managers, other colleagues, and people who were involved in the industry to identify what the secret recipe was to make the perfect resume. Sometimes my resume was too long, other times too short, sometimes I highlighted things that didn't matter and focused much on areas that wouldn't demonstrate I was the ideal fit. Even communicating that you are going to be a culture fit is done through your first impression in your resume. All these things I had to learn the hard way through years of working in corporate. 

Once I mastered this process my resume format has been extremely effective. I have tested it not only on myself, but countless colleagues, friends, and clients, who went from not having any call backs to getting contacted immediately and having their inboxes blown up by recruiters wanting to schedule them for an interview. 

In this course, you will learn how to build the ideal resume, the resume that will make you stand out and get you called to schedule a resume. The most important thing in getting hired is getting that initial call. When a recruiter/hiring manager calls you it means the job is yours to lose. They already think you're a good fit, which means the hardest part for many people has just been won.

If you are looking to take your career to the next level, this course is for you, stop wasting your time applying for hours all day and learn how to tailor the perfect resume to any industry and get a call back, get the interview, and get the job to take your life to where you want to go. Recruiters will be calling you the same day.