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When I figured out how to make a killer resume I thought getting hired would be easy. Little did I know that the resume is just learning how to open the door, walking through is all about the interview process. From the first phone call to the final call/meeting where an offer is extended, this is the key to getting the job. Not only is this key, it is the entire defining process that will determine what kind of pay you will get. 

Let's make no mistake about it, there is no such thing as fair pay. Every single person has to negotiate what their pay will be and it all comes down to knowing how to handle yourself in the interview process. Not only are interviews the key to getting hired, they are also the key for setting yourself up in the organization as a top performer/leadership material and the accompanying salary. 

I went through countless interviews, and I can't even tell you how many times I made it to the 3rd and 4th round of six figure jobs and still didn't get hired. Those failures made me so angry. The hope, the expectations, the ideas you start thinking about how great it will be once you get the job, the new salary, all these new plans and dreams you start to formulate, only to be told that you didn't make the final cut. I would get so angry that all I could think about day and night was why didn't I get the job, where did I go wrong, and that led me down the obsessive path of researching, analyzing my own interviews, and networking with a variety of hiring managers, employers, and other colleagues who got to positions I wanted to identify what is the secret sauce, what makes someone a top tier candidate that from the first interview is put into a special bucket and offered the best compensation. 

In this course I will guide you with video lessons, exercises, and assignments that will build your skills for interviewing and also impart my knowledge to you of what you need to have and know to get hired. 

These skills and secrets are applicable to any industry because they are the key components any high performing individual will have regardless of the work they do. They are the key indicators for success and if you display them you will get hired.