6 Figure Interview Masterclass - How to Kill Every Round & Get Hired

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When I figured out how to make a killer resume I thought getting hired would be easy. Little did I know that the resume is just learning how to open the door, walking through is all about the interview process.

From the first phone call to the final call/meeting where an offer is extended, everything you say, do, and don't do, speaks volumes about whether you are a top tier high performer or a secondary option to the company. 

Make no mistake about it, there is no such thing as fair pay. A company or employer will NEVER pay you what you are worth. They only pay you what THEY THINK you're worth and this is where you have all the power. 

You see top performers communicate and carry themselves completely differently from the rest of the applicants. They communicate value, authority, and confidence and immediately demonstrate that they are worth top dollar because they are bringing tremendous value to the organization.

Companies will always pay a top performer a salary that a regular applicant would never dream of because companies realize that top performers will bring 3x, 5x, or even 10x that value in return!

Let me let you in on a secret. The number one thing companies want is a top performer who will stay with the company and help it grow. One of the most expensive costs of running a business is retaining top talent. A top performer not only earns the business a lot of money, but also helps the business grow its reputation and prestige and also entice other top performers to come work with them.

Think of Apple or any other top tier tech company. Why are they so popular now and why do they pay such a high salary among their competition? Because from their early days they were able to pull in top performers, create a culture around them, and then dominate the market, make a TON of money, and now are able to pay even more to attract more top performers.

Every successful business in every industry knows how important talent is and they are ALWAYS willing to pay for a top performer. Most people don't know this because they do not present themselves as top tier candidates and therefore don't even know this is possible or that this exists. 

When I got my first six figure job I thought that I had made it to the big leagues. It was only after working for a while and networking that I found out how big the ceiling was and that I was actually getting paid peanuts compared to what was possible. This opened my eyes to the pay disparity that existed in companies, often for similar positions, when you factor in the value that a person communicates about themselves and the long term implications.

Every single person gets to decide and negotiate what their pay will be and it is 100% based on how they carry and conduct themselves throughout the entire interview process.

Now I'm not saying that you will apply to be a McDonald's order taker and they will offer you a 500k salary. However, if you are applying to established corporations and  businesses, these techniques will open up their max allocation for salary for the position you apply for and position you as a top performer and future leader in the organization.

If you are coming from the tech space and looking to apply to FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) or other high paying sectors, you definitely need this course and the wealth of information I will share with you since these industries not only prioritize the technical aspect of the interviews but also rely heavily on the interpersonal communication and how you conduct and carry yourself to receive the maximum compensation available for the roles you will be applying for

I didn't get this information easily. I went through countless interviews, and I can't even tell you how many times I made it to the 3rd and 4th round of six figure jobs to only get told that they went with the other candidate. The rage, tears, humiliation, frustration, and despair I often felt were the fuel I used to refine, research, reach out, and continue iterating my interview techniques until I mastered the process where I can guarantee that if I get a call from a recruiter and I want the job, it's mine and they will be paying me the maximum salary they have available for the position. 

In this course I will guide you with video lessons, exercises, and assignments that will build your skills for interviewing and also impart my knowledge to you of what you need to have and know to get hired. 

These skills and techniques are applicable to any industry because they are the key components any high performing individual will have regardless of the work they do and are tailorable to your specific industry. 

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