[Pre-Order] How to Never Pay a Speeding/Traffic Ticket Again Guide

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The complete guide of how to get out of paying for speeding, traffic, and many other driving related offenses in the United States.

Compiled from years of getting tickets and paying thousands upon thousands of dollars in fines and classes to keep my license valid, I've done tons of research and experimenting in and out of the courtroom to find the best methods possible to avoid paying tickets 99% of the time and in the 1% chance that my methods didn't get me out scott-free, I have developed the perfect way to lower the cost of the ticket and the required payment structure. 

This course will change your driving live and save you thousands. You will never be caught paying for a traffic ticket again. 

From how to handle the initial stop with law enforcement (what to say, what to do) to how to handle and deal with the court, the judge, and the legal system, you will get the complete guide of how to navigate and beat traffic tickets 99% of the time.

Don't waste another hard earned dollar on tickets or any more time reading bogus guides on youtube and reddit. This is the tried and tested method I've developed from actually getting a ton of tickets because boy do I love to speed. Let my experience and mistakes be your tool and the next time you see the red and blue lights flashing in the rear-view mirror you won't feel panic but a cheeky little smile will come across your face as you think "U Mad?"