How the Rich & Elite Use Credit to Become & Stay Wealthy - Complete Guide

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*If you're just starting this is the number one information you need that will give you the keys to understand money, the credit system, and how to get rich and what rich means in a debt/capitalist society. I've dropped the price on this as a special for all my new TikTok followers, I want anyone who needs this information to be able to have it, and if this is still too expensive for you, send me your info with proof of your circumstances and I'll get it to you for free.*

It is now, more important than ever, to take your financial livelihood into consideration, take charge of it, and start your journey towards financial independence. As we have seen recently, no job is guaranteed or secure, it is up to you to secure your financial future for yourself and family. I will show you exactly how to do that through using the credit system from first understanding this system, to then  building or rebuilding your credit, and to finally understand how starting a business and leveraging credit and debt to grow that business or side hustle into a monthly income that will give you the financial freedom to where you will never have to work or answer to anyone again without choosing to do so.

I started out with a 530 credit score. I couldn't rent an apartment, get a credit card, and even got rejected in the last stage of an interview out of college because the company did a credit check. I started out believing the lie that paying for cash was what smart people did and that using credit cards and getting in debt was how you would end up homeless. This kind of thinking led me to having to start in the worst financial position possible. 

It was only when I understood how this modern monetary system worked, how it was designed to keep you a wage slave through inflation and a tax system that targeted the everyday worker that I started my journey to financial freedom. 

It took me years of being an entrepreneur, starting and failing at multiple businesses, working at multiple start up companies, and networking and learning from my own mistakes and successful businessman that I learned the real secret and strategy to getting wealthy in the modern financial system. 

The secret is that you need to borrow money. 10% of $1,000 is only $100. It won't do anything for you. But imagine having access to $10,000,000.00 and making a 10% return on that. Now you have $1,000,000.00. Sound crazy? It isn't, businesses and individuals are doing this everyday. They use their access to credit to buy assets, make investments, or complete projects that give them a handsome return. They do it using money they don't even have through this debt and credit system.


In this course you will learn how to leverage the credit system to increase your wealth across all areas of your life. Don't get stuck in the cycle of paying for things cash and following the moronic advice of millionaires on youtube who tell you to pay cash and stay poor. Cash unlocks the possibility to freedom!

I've crammed so much valuable information in this course that I've learned through painful experience that it should be priced significantly higher but as a new educator, I am offering it at the current price to all my new supporters who are joining the financial freedom journey as a way to show my appreciation.

The Rebuild Credit guide in this course by itself is worth more than the total investment of this course, you will learn how to take your credit score from the dumpster fire to the pinnacle. Everything that credit repair companies do for ridiculous prices I am teaching you here which by itself is worth hundreds more than the price of this course. Don't forget, I had a 530 credit score coming out of college that is now 780+ with massive credit lines and loans!

On top of all of that you are getting a gold mine of information on how to approach starting a business/side hustle, how to understand and conceptualize the difference between cash, credit, and debt, and how to use the real understanding of this monetary system to become financially wealthy and free  of the modern day slavery, the 9 to 5. 

This course will give you the tool box to success by teaching you:

  • How Money, Credit, and Debt work as a system
  • How the Elite and Ultra Rich use credit to get rich and stay rich
  • How to play the Credit Game to your advantage
  • How to start a business and use debt to grow your business
  • How to get and use Credit Cards to increase your wealth and business
  • How to Build Credit from ZERO
  • How to Rebuild Bad Credit COMPLETELY from Start to Finish
  • How to Finance purchases and get the best deal possible
  • Plus a plethora of tips and advice on business & debt structuring

...and most importantly, how to understand and use debt in your personal and business life to continually grow your income and wealth and never need to rely on being an employee to survive. 

For less than the price of two coffees, thanks inflation, you will have the guide to understand how to make and grow your money.